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Our Engine
Remanufacturing process:


Disassemble and Cleaning 

Engines get disassembled and all components go thru a chemical deep cleaning process


Procurement of New Parts

New pistons, rings, main and connecting rod bearings, timing kit, freeze plugs, oil pump, gaskets, lifters, valve seals, and other components that suffer wear and tear during normal engine operations


Detailed Inspections

Block, crankshaft, cylinder heads and connecting rods go thru a detailed inspection process to ensure they are in good condition


Assemble New Engine

Machined components and new parts are used to assemble the new engine back to original manufacturer's specifications



Standard machining work on Block, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rods, and Cylinder Heads


Final Testing

Long block engine goes thru a series of tests to ensure proper engine performance

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